Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Classics offers a variety of program options, meant to meet any student's level of interest in the Classical World.

Artium Baccalaureatus in Any Major

The Artium Baccalaureatus, the A.B. Degree, is the traditional bachelor’s degree conferred by the College of Charleston. At the founding of the college in 1770, study of Classics -- Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization -- formed the core curriculum for all students. The State Gazette of South Carolina once praised students at the college for their knowledge of “Greek and Latin languages, as well as their extraordinary proficiency in the liberal arts and sciences.” Today, the Artium Baccalaureatus is awarded to students who follow this centuries-old tradition and include in their undergraduate studies significant coursework in Classics.

Students in any major may elect to work towards the Artium Baccalaureatus instead of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree by including in their general education curriculum coursework in Ancient Greek or Latin language and humanities courses exploring Classical civilization. In recent years students from a wide range of majors, including Biology, Chemistry, Classics, English, Historic Preservation, History, Mathematics, Political Science and Psychology, have elected to pursue an A.B. Degree.

Earning the Artium Baccalaureatus need not add any additional requirements. All students at the College of Charleston must satisfy General Education requirements in foreign languages and humanities. Choose your courses wisely and you can earn an A.B. Degree without adding any additional courses. Ancient Greek and Latin language courses fulfill the foreign language requirement. Advanced-level Greek & Latin classes can be used to fulfill the humanities requirement, as can Classics courses in History, Philosophy and Art History.

Artium Baccalaureatus in Classics

The Artium Baccalaureatus program in Classics is the traditional classics major designed for students whose primary interest is the study of Greek and Latin languages. The A.B. curriculum is the recommended course of study for those who plan to pursue an advanced degree in Classics.

Classics Major

The Bachelor of Arts program in Classics is designed for students interested in Greco-Roman civilization and culture. The curriculum encourages students to obtain an interdisciplinary understanding of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Classics Foreign Language Education

In collaboration with the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance, the Department of Classics contributes to the major in Foreign Language Education. The program incorporates second-language acquisition theories and methods to prepare students to teach languages at the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade level. The state of South Carolina grants certification for teaching languages at the pre-kindergarten through 12th grade levels for students completing the degree.  The program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) as well as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Classics Minor

The minor in Classics enables students to obtain an interdisciplinary understanding of Ancient Greece and Rome as a complement to their major course of study. Courses must be chosen from at least two different disciplines (language, CLAS, HIST, PHIL, ARTH, etc).

Latin Minor

Study of a foreign language is fundamental to a liberal arts education. Students pursuing a minor in Latin develop competence in the Latin language and gain primary insight into the literature and culture of Ancient Rome.

Ancient Greek Minor

Students who pursue a minor in Ancient Greek will read in the original language writings central to the development of Western Civilization. The intensive study of Ancient Greek complements majors in the Sciences, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies (among others), and offers a focused study of the Liberal Arts traditions.