Rewarding students for jobs well-done

Students of Classics have the opportunity to be considered for a number of scholarships, awarded by the Department of Classics faculty. Decisions on scholarships are made in the spring for the following academic year, and are dependent upon the availability of funds.

Endowed Scholarships:

The following three scholarships are awarded to qualified students who apply at

Harold A. Mouzon Scholarship

The Mouzon Scholarship, established by Mrs. Elizabeth Mouzon Sadler, Class of 1946, in memory of her father Harold A. Mouzon, Class of 1913, a distinguished alumnus and former Board of Trustees Chairman, recognizes outstanding students who are majoring in Classics, minoring in Greek or Latin, or are candidates for the A.B. degree. The scholarship is awarded annually, and may be renewed pending application.

Johnson-Vest Scholarship

The Johnson-Vest Scholarship, established by Lucia Johnson Vest and Edward Nelson Vest in honor of Irene Ebert Johnson and George Arthur Ziozias Johnson who instilled in their children a love of Greek and Roman culture, encourages students to study Latin and Greek. Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in Classics, and are renewable.

Robert H. Duryea, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Duryea Scholarship was created by Emma-Louise Duryea Mellichamp, class of 1937, in honor of her brother Robert H. Duryea, Jr., first honors graduate of the Class of 1927. Scholarships are awarded to students majoring in the Classical languages, with preference given to those studying Latin. Awards may be renewed pending application.

Non-Endowed Scholarships:

The Classics Department also awards the following awards annually to qualified students. Contact the chair of the Classics Department for more information on these awards.

First-Year Classics Scholarship

The First-Year Classics Scholarship is awarded annually to an incoming student interested in pursuing Classics at the College of Charleston, with preference given to minority applicants and/or first generation college students.

Sophie K. Naughton Award

The Naughton Award is awarded anually to a student majoring in Classics, with preference given to those studying ancient Greek and/or in the Honors College.

Alan T. Jackson Study Abroad Award

The Jackson Award is awarded annually to a student majoring in Classics who is studying or participating in field school abroad.