Research and Internships

Engaging the World

In Classics, we highly encourage students to apply their knowledge of human societies to the world around them. Our students actively engage in research in Classics and related disciplines and apply their abilities to internships with business and cultural institutions in the Charleston region and beyond.

ResearchBen Rennison (Boeing) and Jami Baxley ('16 AB Classics and Archaeology) 3D scanning the Linear B tablets from Pylos in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens
Research in Classics can take a variety of forms:

  • in collaboration with a team of students lead by a faculty advisor,
  • as independent research under the mentorship of faculty,
  • archaeological field studies abroad, or
  • year-long bachelor’s essays.

Members of the Honors College are required to produce a Bachelor’s Essay, and are urged to discuss potential topics with Classics faculty as soon as possible.

Many research opportunities are built into the research programs of the faculty. In the case of archaeology, opportunities are further supported by facilities in the Center for Social Science Research, and include such endeavors undertaken by Dr. Sterrett-Krause’s ancient glass laboratory and Dr. Newhard’s work in spatial and landscape studies via the Center for Historical Landscapes. A sample list of research conducted by students is just the beginning – we look forward to adding your work to the list!

Financial support for research comes from a variety of sources, including external faculty research grants and internal student research support via the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA), the School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs, and Departmental resources.

Internships can form a valuable educational and networking experience, leading to job/career opportunities. Classics is for everyone. We hold to the concept that majoring in classics is solid training for a variety of careers. Therefore, internships should be sought in areas where the student holds a professional interest.

The following will assist a student in initiating, setting up, and completing an internship through Classics: