Classical Charleston: The Theodore Guérard Lecture Series

Each year, the Department of Classics has joined the Theodore Guérard Lecture Series to host "Classical Charleston," an annual lecture series begun in 2012. Focused upon a yearly theme, the lecture series brings leading voices in Classics and related fields to campus, enriching the academic life of our community.

This year's lectures:

2023 - Environmental Change and Human Resiliency

Previous lectures include:

2020 - Translatio: Carrying Ideas Across Cultures

2019 - Diversifying Classics

2018 - Sappho: Then and Now

2017 - Transformations: Perspectives in Roman History

2016 - Tradition, Innovation, and the Liberal Arts

2015 - Classics, Black Colleges, and Civil Rights

2014 - Ctizenship in a Democracy

2013 - Modeling Connectivity: Cultural Networks in the Ancient Mediterranean

2012 - History, Poetry, and War: Basil Gildersleeve's Past and Present