Student-Oriented Facilities

The Department holds a unique physical place at the College of Charleston.  Located on the third floor of historic Randolph Hall (the main administrative building on campus), it stands as a physical symbol of the College's core mission as an institution of higher education.  Within this space, the Department also maintains:

  • A resource room dedicated to student/faculty research and three networked PCs with software specific for multidisciplinary work
  • A reading room housing basic reference works and space for classes/seminars and meetings of faculty, special guests, and students
  • The Classics Museum Replica Collection, consisting of numerous museum-quality replicas of art from the Greco-Roman world

In addition, the Department has the honor of using Randolph Hall 301A as one of its primary classrooms - one of oldest continuously-used classroom buildings in the U.S.

Cast Museum in the Department of Classics at the College of Charleston