About the Department

Classics at the College of Charleston is like the city—a blend of tradition and innovation. Classics has been a core component of the undergraduate curriculum since the College’s founding in 1770, but it has changed along with the times. The soul of Classics—the close study of the Greco-Roman world—has remained the same while new teachers and new students have brought new tools and new questions into the exploration of Greece and Rome, and their impact on our world today. [Read more about our history.]


Classics Students in Italy

The Department of Classics offers two undergraduate majors, three minors, and a degree program available to all majors (the A.B. degree). Classics courses also contribute to a wide variety of other majors and minors. [Read more about programs of study.]

The subjects of our research and our courses are incredibly diverse: drama, philosophy, religion and ritual, mythology, marginalized groups (women, slaves, foreigners), Bronze Age archaeology, the history of democracy, Romans in cinema, art history, epic poetry. The list goes on. [Read more about our courses.]