James Newhard

Director, Center for Historical Landscapes

Address: Randolph Hall 308B
Phone: 843.953.5485
E-mail: newhardj@cofc.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download

Dr. Newhard is a landscape archaeologist with an emphasis upon integrating human and environmental histories to develop an overall understanding of the long-term interactions between humans and the physical world. He is also Director of the College's Center for Historical Landscapes.


Ph.D, Classical Studies. University of Cincinnati, 2003

       American School of Classical Studies in Athens, 1999

M.A., Classics.  University of Cincinnati, 1996

B.A., Classical Art & Archaeology.  University of Missouri – Columbia, 1994

B.A., Classical Languages.  University of Missouri – Columbia, 1994

       College Year in Athens, 1991

Research Interests

  • Ancient Mediterranean Socio-Economic Systems
  • Archaeological Field Methods
  • Informatics
  • Geoarchaeology
  • Classical Reception and Disciplinary History

Courses Taught

Introductory to advanced undergraduate courses in Mediterranean archaeology

Independent studies in archaeoloigcal methodology and geospatial applications in archaeology

Introductory to advanced Latin



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Articles & Book Chapters (last 5 years)
(student names preceded by an asterisk)

2020. “Reflections on the Avkat Archaeological Project: collaborations, education, and dissemination.” Journal of Greek Archaeology5: 528-534. (with H. Elton and J. Haldon)
2019. “Beyond apologetics: restructuring the humanities for an ‘Age of Austerity’” North Dakota Quarterly 58: 181-199.
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Professional Papers, Posters, & Workshops (last 5 years)
(student names preceded by an asterisk)
2021. “Feeding Constantinople: from farm to capital,” Shifting Frontiers XIV. (with H. Elton and J. Haldon).
2021. “Assessing Continuity and Change in the Sixth to Ninth Century Landscape of North-Central Anatolia.” 15th Annual International ANAMED Symposium. Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilization (with J. Haldon, and H. Elton)
2019. “Sustaining Classics into the 21st Century,” 7th Annual Classical Charleston Lecture Series, ‘Diversifying Classics,’ College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.
2019. “What Happens when Historians and Archaeologists Talk to Each Other: the Avkat Archaeological Project,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Boston. (with Hugh Elton and John Haldon).
2018. “Closing the Loop on the Geospatial Turn” Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Barcelona.
2016. “The Use of GIS to Map Locations and Potential Future Impacts of chondrichthyes-Laden Hazardous Weather Events.” FEMA HAZUS Conference, Charleston. (with Charlie Kaufman, Steve Jaumé, Norman Levine, and Scott Harris)