Allison Kidd

Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Kidd is a classical archaeologist specializing in the study of Roman and Late Antique architecture and urbanism. She has led fieldwork and research projects in Turkey and in Italy, at sites such as Aphrodisias and Aeclanum, where she brings together methodologies in history, art history, epigraphy, and numismatics to reconstruct expressions of identity and assess the way in which individuals lived within and related to Rome's urban milieu.


Ph.D., New York University, Institute of Fine Arts, 2018 
M.St., University of Oxford, 2011 
BA, Clemson University, 2010 

Research Interests

Classical archaeology. Roman and Late Antique architecture, Ancient urbanism, Roman imperial and provincial history

Courses Taught

CLAS 105 (History of the Classical World)


Edited Volumes  

Kidd, A.B., ed. Approaching Continuity, Transformation, and Innovation in the Late Antique Urban Environment. Special Issue for Studies in Late Antiquity. UC Press (anticipated 2022). 


Kidd, A.B. and B. Russell. “Polychrome marble at Aphrodisias: The Interior Scheme of the North Stoa of the Place of Palms (‘Portico of Tiberius’).” ASMOSIA XI. (forthcoming 2021). 
Kidd, A.B. 2018. “The Ionic Capitals from the South Stoa of Aphrodisias’ Urban Park: A Case Study of Urban Design in Late Antiquity.” Istanbuler Mitteilungen 68: 209-244. 

Book Reviews 

Kidd, A.B. 2021. Review of D. Moreau et al., eds. 2020. Archaeology of a World of Changes. Late Roman and Early Byzantine Architecture, Sculpture and Landscapes (BAR: Oxford), Bulletin of British Byzantine Studies 46.