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Engaging in the Life of the Mind

The Eye (Oculus) inside the PantheonWith adequate preparation, developing your own research project is a real possibility.  These activities can take a variety of forms, but are typically in collaboration with a faculty member or as an independent program of study under the supervision of one or several faculty members.  Members of the Honors College are required to produce a Bachelor's Essay, involving significant mentoring and research. 

Students in the Honors College are urged to discuss potential topics for their Bachelor's Essays with Classics faculty as soon as feasible.

To pair your interests with a potential mentor or collaborator in Classics, review the research and fieldwork section of our website. 

Past Research and Creative Activities Have Included:

• Robert Bassett: SURF Grant ($4,800) for research on “Aesthetic Innocence: Ancient Views on the Relationship between Art and the Political Animal”

• Jonathan Coker: “Creating Instructional Materials for the Elementary Level Latin Classroom,” paper presented at the 87th Annual Meeting of the American Classical League, Winston-Salem, NC.

• Mitchel Cordes: “Ignatius of Antioch: A true Roman,” ChrestomathyStudent viewing Greek Art

• Anita Hart: “Myth and Ritual on the Athenian Acropolis,” Bachelor’s Essay 

• Anita Hart: “Year-End Festivals of the Athenian Acropolis,” Chrestomathy

• Melissa Huber: SURF Grant ($6,500) for research on public buildings and civic functions in Augustan Rome

• Melissa Huber: “Rebuilding the Republic:  Public Buildings and Civic Functions in Augustan Rome”

• Jessica McClellan: “The Death of Socrates.  Original Script and Staging,” Bachelor’s Essay 

• Dillon McDougald: Freedom as Self-Legislation in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,” Chrestomathy

• Angelina Phebus: SURF Grant ($4,807) for research on computer modeling in archaeology

• Angelina Phebus: “New Approaches to Interpreting Human Land Use in North Central Anatolia,” poster presented at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Anaheim, CA.

• Ryan Simpson: “Introduction to Medical Practices in the Ancient Roman World,” Honors Tutorial

• Kathleen Tuttle: “Catullus and the Elegiac Ideal,” Honors Tutorial

• Alice Van Arsdale: “The Ancient Greek View of Religious Accessories: An Application of Semiotic Theory,” Bachelor’s Essay

• Spencer Williams: "The Nobility Under Augustus," Chrestomathy