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Careers and Classics

Latin and Greek languages are foundational for all Romance languages and the cultures of the Mediterranean. To learn Latin and Greek is not only to discover the worlds of Greece and Italy, but the social-cultural contexts for the Mediterranean world, including much of Europe and the Middle East, which dominates so much of our interest today. So, if you want to build a foundation for global outreach, learn Latin or Greek. Some may call them “ancient,” but they are not out-of-date.

Classics majors learn skills in critical thinking, research, and communication, the acquisition of which prepares them not only to enter top-tier graduate programs but also to pursue careers in education, the law, medicine, divinity, information science, politics/civil service, consulting, publishing, and administration.

Careers and Classics:

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National Organizations for Classics:

Society for Classical Studies

Classical Association of the Middle West and South

Archaeological Institute for America

South Carolina Organizations for Classics:

South Carolina Junior Classical League

South Carolina Classical Association

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