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Gildersleeve, Early American ClassicistClassics at Charleston is like the city -- a blend of tradition and innovation.
Since the founding of the College in 1770, Classics has been a core component of
the undergraduate curriculum.  The State Gazette of South Carolina praised
students at the College for their knowledge of “Greek and Latin languages, as well
as their extraordinary proficiency in the liberal arts and sciences.” 


Classics Students in Italy

The Department of Classics offers two undergraduate majors – the A.B. degree for students interested in exploring Greek and Latin languages, and the B.A. degree for students who are primarily interested in investigating Greek and Roman culture and civilization.  Students can also choose to pursue a minor in Classics, Greek, or Latin. Additionally, the professors in Classics contribute to a wide variety of majors and minors that have a bearing upon our understanding of the Greco-Roman world.

Research opportunities and courses are offered on such diverse subjects as ancient medicine and science, classical religion and ritual, classical mythology, images of women in classical antiquity, archaeology, the history of the classical world, and Romans in the cinema – as well as reading/interpretive courses on Homer, comedy, tragedy, classical philosophy, satire, the historians, and ancient letters.