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James Newhard, Ph.D.

Director of Archaeology/Interim Chair and Professor

Address: Randolph Hall 308B
Phone: 843.953.5485
Curriculum Vitae: Download

In addition to directing South Carolina’s most comprehensive Classics Department and the only major archaeology program in the state, Dr. Newhard is a landscape archaeologist with an emphasis upon integrating human and environmental histories to develop an overall understanding of the long-term interactions between humans and the physical world.


Ph.D, Classical Studies    University of Cincinnati, 2003

       American School of Classical Studies in Athens, 1999

M.A., Classics    University of Cincinnati, 1996

B.A., Classical Art & Archaeology    University of Missouri – Columbia, 1994

B.A., Classical Languages    University of Missouri – Columbia, 1994

       College Year in Athens, 1991

Research Interests

Ancient Mediterranean Socio-Economic Systems, Archaeological Field Methods, Informatics, Geoarchaeology


(last 5 years)

Articles & Book Chapters  (student names preceded by an asterisk)

2016    “Local Chipped Stone Resources in the Argolid during the Bronze Age: Towards a Diachronic Understanding of Lithic Raw Material Procurement,” In P. Elephanti, P.N. Kardulias, N. Andreasen, and G. Marshall (eds.) New Perspectives on Chipped Stone Research in Greece (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology).  6,000 words, 12 maps.

2016    “The Chipped and Ground Stone” in M. Cosmopoulos, (ed.) The Political Geography of a Mycenaean District. The Archaeological Survey at Iklaina. Athens: Library of the Archaeological Society at Athens. Pp. 177-188.

2015    “Euchaita,” in S. Steadman (ed.) Anatolian Archaeology. Cambridge Scholars Press. Pp. 332-355. (with H. Elton and J. Haldon).

2015    “Above as Below: Application of Multiple Survey Techniques at a Byzantine Church at Avkat.” In K. Winther-Jacobsen and L. Summerer (eds.) Landscape and settlement dynamics in Northern Anatolia in the Roman and       Byzantine Period (Geographica Historica). Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag. Pp. 101-117. (with *P. Bikoulis, H. Elton, and J. Haldon)

2015    “3D Imaging in Mediterranean Archaeology: What are we Doing, Anyway?” In W. Caraher and B. Olsen (eds.) Visions of Substance.  Digital Press at the University of North Dakota. Pp.

2014    “The Development of Integrated Terrestrial and Marine Pathways in the Argo-Saronic Region, Greece.” Cartography and Geographic Information Science. 41: 379-390.  (with *A.D. Phebus, and N.S. Levine)           DOI:10.1080/15230406.2014.925786

2014    “The Climate and Environment of Byzantine Anatolia: Integrating Science, History, and Archaeology.” Journal of Interdisciplinary History 45.2: 113-161.  (with M. Cassis, O. Doonan, W. Eastwood, H. Elton, D. Flietmann, J. Haldon, A. Izdebski, S. Ladstätter, S. Manning, K. Nicoll, C.N. Roberts, I. Tlelis, and E. Xoplaki) doi:10.1162/JINH_a_00682

2013    “A Geoinformatic Approach to the Collection of Archaeological Survey Data.” Cartography and Geographic Information Science 40: 3-17.  (with N. Levine, *A.D. Phebus,* J. Littlefield, and *S. Craft) DOI:     10.1080/15230406.2013.762139

2012    “Avkat Arkeoloji Projesi, 2007-2009.”  Çorum Kazı ve Araştırmalar Sempozyum, 2. Çorum.   203-218.  (with H. Elton, J. Haldon, and *P. Bikoulis)



2011    Invited review of Roger Matthews and Claudia Glatz (edd.) At Empire’s Edge:  Project Paphlagonia: Regional Survey in North-Central Turkey.  London: British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara Monographs, 2009. (American Journal of Archaeology) DOI: 10.3764/ajaonline1153.Newhard



2012    “The Avkat Archaeological Project, 2012.” Heritage Turkey 2: 30. (with *J. Wall, *A.D. Phebus, J. Haldon, and  H. Elton)

2011    “The Avkat Archaeological Project, 2011.” Heritage Turkey 1: 35-36. (with J. Haldon, and  H. Elton)

2010    "The Avkat Archaeological Project, 2010" Anatolian Archaeology. 16:16-17. (with J. Haldon and H. Elton)


Professional Papers, Posters, & Workshops (last 5 years)

(student names preceded by an asterisk)

2015    “Perspectives on using 3rd-party data to develop regional syntheses in the informatic age,” invited paper at a workshop “Developing the Digital Ottoman Platform (DOP),” Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

2015    Invited Respondent. “Climate and Society in Byzantine and Ottoman Anatolia, 300 – 1900 CE,” Princeton University.

2015    “Analog to Digital: Archaeology in the early 21st century. Opportunities, challenges, and responses.” Keynote address.  Fifth Annual South Carolina State Parks Archaeology Conference.  Charleston.

2015    “The Development of a Legacy GIS for the Contextualization of the Linear B Deposits from the Palace of Nestor at Pylos,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans. (with *Z. Bartholomew, N.S. Levine, K. Pluta, and D. Nakassis)

2015    Workshop co-Organizer. “Projections for the Future: Best Practices for the Preservations and Publication of Geospatial Data,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, New Orleans. (with A. Rabinowitz)

2015    “Inside-out and Inside-in: Improving and Extending Digital Models for Archaeological Interpretation,” Joint Colloquium “Making Meaning from Data,” sponsored by the Society for Classical Studies and the Archaeological   Institute of America, New Orleans. (with R. Opitz, M. Mogetta, T. Johnson, S. Lash, and M. Naglak)

2014    Workshop Organizer.  “Lowcountry Archaeology Planning Workshop,” College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

2014    “Assigning Function to Survey Data Using Multivariate Geospatial Modeling,” Computing Applications in Archaeology, Paris, France. (with N. Levine and *O. Adams)

2014    Conference Facilitator. Fourth Annual South Carolina State Parks Archaeology Conference. Charleston, SC.

2014    “The Use of Structured Light Scanning for the Study of the Linear B Deposits from Pylos, Messenia, Greece,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago, IL. (with *J. Baxley, B. Rennison, K. Pluta,   and D. Nakassis)

2014    Session Organizer. “Mapping the Roman World,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Chicago, IL.

2013    Panelist. “What Content…Where?  The art of electing course content:  tools, permissions, analysis, and where librarians fit in.” 2013 Charleston Conference, Charleston SC.

2013    “Developing interpretative frameworks for ephemeral artifact scatters: a geoinformatic example from central Turkey,” presented at a workshop “Far from the Maddening Crowd – Interpreting the Ephemeral Evidence for Rural Life,” at the19th Meeting of the European Association for Archaeologists, Plzen, Czech Republic.

2013    “Beyond the Region: the Use of Meta-GIS in the Development of Cross-Regional Syntheses,” invited paper at a workshop “Workshop zum GIS-Byzanz Projekt,” geogrgraphischen Institut in Mainz.

2013    “Avoiding the Next ‘Great Divide’: Problematizing the Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Gap,” invited paper presented at a workshop “Climate, Environment and History in Anatolia ca 200-1000 CE,” Princeton University.

2013    “Survey Technologies:  Possibilities and Limitations,” invited paper presented at the “2013 Byzantine Spring Colloquium,” Dumbarton Oaks

2013    Workshop Organizer.  “Geospatial Studies in Classical Archaeology: A Survey of Approaches and Methods,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Seattle, WA.

2013    Session Organizer.  “Regional Survey in the Eastern Mediterranean,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Seattle, WA.

2012    “Increased Analytical and Visualization Capabilities in Landscape Archaeology through the Use of GIS Field Applications,” Taking Archaeology Digital: Redford Conference in Archaeology, University of Puget Sound. (with N.S. Levine)

2012    Accepted.  “Digital Humanities, the Spatial Turn, and Undergraduate Research: Transforming Undergraduate Research in the Humanities,” Council on Undergraduate Education Annual Conference, College of New Jersey.

2012    “An Integrated Approach to Identifying Byzantine Defensive Systems in North Central Anatolia,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, Philadelphia, PA. (with *A.D. Phebus, J. Haldon, H. Elton, and N. Levine)

2011    “The Avkat Archaeological Project, 2007-2009 Seasons,” invited paper at the Symposium for Central Anatolian Archaeology, Çorum Muzesi, Çorum, Turkey. (with H. Elton, J. Haldon, and *P. Bikoulis)

2011    “Approaches to Field Survey:  The Case of the AAP,” invited paper presented at “The Avkat Archaeological Project: a workshop,” Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations, Koç University, Istanbul.

2011    “Analyzing Bronze Age Terrestrial and Marine Communication Routes in the Saronic Gulf and Argolid,” Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, San Antonio, TX. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3920.1769 (with *A.D. Phebus  and N. Levine)