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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Department of Classics!

Classics students take in the view of Mt. Jukta in CreteWelcome to one of the most engaging places on campus, where students and faculty together study two of the world's intriguing cultures from a variety of perspectives - everything from a close analysis of Greek and Latin documents, to their history and politics, to digital humanities and computer modeling of geophysical and archaeological information.

In fact, it is in the synthesis of this panorama of evidence which lends strength to our research, our teaching, and our engagment with students.  Solidly grounded in the notions of Altertumswissenschaft - an all-encompassing approach to understanding the classical past - faculty and students are liberated to integrate other approaches in their pursuits - theoretical approaches in literary criticism, cross-cultural comparisons of social structures, and other techniques and methods drawn from history, art history, geology, anthropology and elsewhere.

Please take your time to peruse our Department's website, and do not hesitate to contact me or my colleagues, if you wish to hear more about our Department, our programs of research, or how you can join us in our voyages of discovery.

James Newhard